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According to the media, a Special CBI Court in Haryana, has sentenced its former five time Chief Minister, Mr.Omprakash Chautala of INLD,  and his son Mr.Ajay Chautala, who are sitting MLA’s of Haryana Legislative Assembly along with others who are closely linked to them in this 3,200  Junior basic teachers recruitment scandal to 10 years jail term, bears ample testimony to the fact that such recruitment scams happen not only in Haryana in India but in all most all the other States of India making merit of teachers a causality in the process.


Primary School teachers in the above case were recruited either by paying bribes or through political patronage putting merit at peril.


Many statistics of pupils of public/Government schools from grades III and V for a decade have shown that because of poor quality and standards of primary school teachers, basic reading and arithmetic skills of their pupils have been gradually on the decline compared to previous statistics albeit school enrollment has risen. This information has been corroborated by an NGO, Pratham’s Annual status Of Education Report for Rural India submitted recently in 2012.  All  over India, the learning abilities of Government school children have been steadily eroding.  Unless, competent and meritorious teachers are rewarded and incompetent and inefficient teachers are weeded out, Government school education standards wouldn’t get improved.


While Right To Education Act makes Education Universal and compulsory, Quality and Quantity of School Teachers need to be increased through proper recruitment policy of teachers. Periodical workshops need to be conducted to improve the quality of teachers and inculcate teaching methods of bringing out the innovation and creative abilities of  their pupils, instead of putting emphasis on rote learning or cramming. Critical and analytical skills based on a spirit of enquiry and scientific temper, which our Indian Constitution also envisages in Chapter-IV of Directive Principles of State policy should form part of School curricula apart from reading and Mathematical skills and logic  through continuous evaluation rather than detaining dull students in lower classes as it leads to more drop out rates. According to a recent NCERT survey, many Rural Government Schools lack basic infrastructure such as easy access to drinking water, toilets and play grounds. Government Aid/grants and recognition be withdrawn to Government schools that show poor standards of teaching and results. If the school management and instructors are producing excellent standards in terms of their  teaching and student standards, Government assistance and recognition to such schools be continued and meritorious teachers  should be rewarded with more increments and bonuses and  the meritorious  among students be rewarded with cash scholarships and awards.

The above cited measures go a long way, in promoting and achieving excellent teaching and student standards in Government Schools both in rural and urban areas.

By the way, the above cited 10 year Jail term for Omprakash Chautala and his son Mr.Ajay Chautala is welcome for their corruption and meddling in School teacher recruitment and would serve as a deterrent and sends a strong message across politicians of all hues who abuse their power to gain wealth at the cost of merit in recruitment of school teachers or recruitment to even higher posts other than teachers. They have no right to hold the golden future of tomorrow’s citizens of the country to ransom for enriching themselves through ill-gotten means.

Ms.Nirmala P.Rao

Legal Expert and Political commentator

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