"My Opinion On Dadri Lynching"

It is disheartening and shocking to note that an irate and frenzied mob belonging to opposite Hindu community went berserk over rumors of beef eating my one Mr. Aqlakh Khan of Dadri in Uttar Pradesh and lynched him then and there. Whether it is communal or not an impartial investigation/inquiry will look into it.

Though it is reprehensible and violation of his human rights.yet, if he really did indulge in slaughter of cow and ate beef, UP and many states across India totally ban cow and calf slaughter of all ages as it is a sacred Symbol of majority Hindu population and a punishable offence across many States in India with a jail term and fine including UP. It is punishable with a Jail term under Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955 .This Act governs the slaughter of cattle in the state. Slaughter of cow (includes a heifer and calf) is totally prohibited. Transport of cow outside the State for slaughter is not permitted. The sale of beef is prohibited. The law defines “beef” as the flesh of cow and of such bull or bullock whose slaughter is prohibited under the Act, but does not include such flesh contained in sealed containers and imported into Uttar Pradesh. Anyone violating the Act can be punished with rigorous imprisonment of up to 2 years or fine up to ₹1,000 or both. The crime is treated as a cognizable and non-bailable offence.

Except in Assam, West Bengal and Kerala Cow Slaughter is totally banned across all States in India along with its import and export across different states. And the punishment ranges from rigorous imprisonment of 6 months to 5 years and a fine to the tune of Rs.1000 to Rs.10,000.

Article 48 of Directive Principles of State Policy of Indian Constitution States thus: This Article makes it obligatory on the state to endeavor to organize agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and in particular to take steps for preserving and improving the breeds and prohibiting slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.

The Honorable Supreme Court in M.H. Quareshi vs. State of Bihar and Abdul Hakim vs. State of Bihar held that It is a reasonable restriction on butchers on their Fundamental Right to carry on trade, occupation, vocation,. Profession or business under article 19(1) (g) of the Constitution of India read with Article 48 of the chapter 4 of Directive principles of state policy to prohibit slaughter of cows of all ages and male or female calves of cows or buffaloes; Prohibition of slaughter of bulls, bullocks and she buffaloes below the age of 25 years is an unreasonable restriction on the butcher.

It is highly unfortunate that many writers are rejecting their State awards over this issue and Are failing to see that this is not non secular or the issue is not about secularism but respecting the sentiment of cow being a sacred animal of majority Hindus and even as discussed above our Constitution recognizes this.

Are we not respecting Muslims’ rights of Triple Talaq, Polygamy up to 4 wives, Muslim women wearing a veil or Burqa? Let them/Muslims respect the majority Hindu sentiments also. That is True secularism.

As I’d already stated- in one of my previous blogs- I’d clearly written that bringing in a Uniform Civil code is necessary and the need of the hour by correcting the above anomalies in different personal laws of various religions thereby eliminating narrow mindsets of patriarchs and religious bigots/Mullahs of all hues. Don’t forget! “We are Indians First and Religions Later”. Have a Pan Indian Secular Outlook.

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One thought on “"My Opinion On Dadri Lynching"

  1. I think I pretty much agree with you, except for one point. Respecting sentiments is one thing, practicing it is other. We respect Muslim tradition of Burqas and all but do we wear burqas to show our secularism? No. In the same way, asking a Muslim to forgo beef as it hurts Hindu sentiments is wrong. I hope I made my point clear.

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