How To Boost Your Memory-Easy Tips

Renuka has An ‘Excellent Memory’ and is very very sharp. She can reel off facts and figures like anything out of her very precious memory”. Do you all want to own such a phenomenal memory? It could be all yours- if you follow, the following tips which are associated with the following acronym ‘PLEASE’.

Positive Affirmations. Be positive regarding your memory. Start giving positive affirmations to your mind-such as- I’ve an excellent memory-“I’ve a very beautiful memory.  I hold my memory in high esteem etc. “I love whatever I read, hear, smell, taste, touch.” Involve all your above five senses in whatever you’d like to remember.

Love everything around you or whatever is important for you to remember. Develop a love for whatever you want to remember. If you hate something you can never remember anything. Cultivate a sincere love for any subject you want to Master/remember.

Exercise.  Do physical and mental exercises at least 5 days a week to hone your memory skills. Play some sport you love daily at least for ½ an hour to one hour and read News Papers and Magazines and solve Cross word puzzles,  math quizzes, mental puzzles etc to  stay physically and mentally fit in an excellent way- come what may, and irrespective of your age, and your genetic predisposition. Have adequate sleep and practice meditation for at least 10 minutes daily- both reverse numerical meditation and also, through breath concentration (focus on your inhalation and exhalation/breath) and try to achieve zero thought meditation to get rid of mundane daily tensions that bother you. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts etc, preferably organic- to feel physically and mentally energetic. Sharpen your memory through such frequent rituals.

Associate. Strongly associate whatever you want to remember involving all your five senses. Associate the information you want to remember through audio and visual stimulation or imagination methods. The more your mental imagination power is, the more you’d remember your facts and figures.

Serious and Sincere effort

Everlasting memory. If you follow the above easy tips- phenomenal, and everlasting memory would be all yours. Go Ahead! And own such an outstanding memory right now. ‘Best of luck.’

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