How to Enjoy Good Health? Tips-

Everyone without exception wants to enjoy good health. I’d suggest the following tips to remain in good health no matter whatever you Eat Eat a well balanced and preferably a vegetarian diet consisting of complex carbohydrates, Proteins, essential fats, Vitamins and minerals such as fresh vegetables, sprouts, nuts and fruits preferably organic if available lest you may develop nutrient deficient diseases such as anemia, Beri Beri, Rickets and Diabetes et
Do a combination of different exercises alternating between playing your favorite outdoor Sports such as playing Cricket, Shuttle Badminton, Ping Pong, Tennis etc, doing Aerobics, walking, Yoga including deep breathing exercises and meditation etc. on at least six days a week for at least ½ an hour daily. Do a different exercise daily. Avoid Junk food such as Pizzas, burgers, caffeinated Colas and alcoholic beverages and stop smoking if you have these habits.

Be witty and laugh a lot. Read funny books and watch full length comedy movies. It has been medically researched and established that good laugh even if it is forced removes plaque and blockages in your arteries coronary or otherwise and removes the danger of succumbing to Heart Attacks and body aches. Being happy releases your body’s natural pain killers called endorphins and improves your overall health
Think positively at all times and live every moment or each day at a time. Don’t worry about your past problems and stop worrying about your future. Cultivate ‘live by the moment philosophy’.
For every Problem there is a solution. Write all your problems in a Journal and go through them every day and write all the possible solutions to each problem and apply the best in your view to resolve your problem/s.

Have plenty of sleep and if possible nap for at least an hour in the afternoon and according to latest scientific research those who take an afternoon nap for at least an hour daily performed better in mental ability tests compared to non afternoon nappers.

Cultivate the hobby of reading good books and writing although it’s an email. Solve puzzles, Math quizzes etc and play Chess to keep a sharp mind no matter what your age is. Reading enlarges your mental horizon and would make you think objectively and analytically
Cultivate the habit of a well balanced mind and remain stoic. Be strong willed, positive and don’t lose your mental balance or emotional equilibrium under any circumstances. Be detached. I personally experienced a divine force in the recent past several times and and have been believing in that force ever since. Some super natural superior force is guiding us and I’d advise you all to have faith in it and all of you practice talking all your problems to God and certainly you’d be able to find appropriate solutions to all your problems through divine guidance and intervention..Prayer to God is very effective in healing.
Invest in building cordial relations with everyone around and have fewer enemies. Try reaching out to your friends and others for any kind of help and be supportive and encouraging in all their endeavors. In case any of them have negative personality traits such as unfounded anger, jealousy, spite, malice etc try to mend their behavior by being extra good to them and ultimately they may end up being reciprocal to your goodness and other positive feelings towards them. If they don’t leave it at that.
Last but not the least- accept yourself as you are, and keep on working on your improvement in every walk of life and love yourself first and unless you love yourself no one would ever love you in return.

The above tips would certainly see you all through good health. Good Luck!

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