"How to Fight Depression?"

Don’t lose hope and always cling on to hope and hope alone. Cultivate some healthy and constructive hobbies like Reading, Writing. Playing some sport, Stamp Collecting, Coin Collection, Bird Watching, Trekking, watching some high quality humorous movies, having fun with good friends, learning a new language etc. Brim with new ideas, put them to constructive use and get appreciated and rewarded suitably.

Don’t waste time -for time is money! You may recover lost money through constructive and honest money making things –but can never recover lost time-which is very precious.

In case your depression is very serious-and you show signs of clinical depression such as unnecessary anxiety and feeling uncontrollably low and sad, get treated by a mental Health expert.

Always think rationally and make sincere efforts -tap your hidden talents, and enjoy the positive outcome in life and be a ‘Winner’!

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4 thoughts on “"How to Fight Depression?"

  1. If only it was that easy. I reliased from personal experience that depression isn’t something one can snap out of just like that. My own cousin took her life because of depression. And most of the mental health experts out there are largely useless. Just my own experience.

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  3. Very nicely written. Depression is the main enemy of the human mankind. So many people are sucuding everyday. I have a solution to reduce the depression. Make frends, spend time with them, gossip with them, go in outing, Shopping, spend much time with family rather than spending with computer and internet. I do yoga and meditation which help me a lot to keep my mind fresh. Everyday morning I start my day with yoga then light few Cycle incense sticks and start meditating. Yoga and meditation do miracle in depression. Try and let me know if it is useful.

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