Should Death Penalty Be Abolished?

Should Death Penalty Be Abolished?

Posted on February 10, 2013 by admin

After yesterday’s hanging of Mr.Afzal Guru’s for his attack on Parliament in 2002 resulting in the death of 9 people and aimed at a section of the Top Political leaders of the country/members of Parliament, makes me change my mind/heart regarding

death penalty’s abolition in support of reformative theory of criminal jurisprudence.

Now, I support the stand of the Indian Supreme Court that in rarest of rare cases such as diabolical crimes involving brutal rape/gang rape and murder cases and brutal terror offences committed by hardcore criminals like Azmal Kasab and Afzal Guru and the all the accused in the recent heinous Delhi Gang Rape and Murder of a 23 year old Paramedical student I, now strongly advocate death penalty in cases of such hardcore criminals who are incorrigibly corrupt in their mind and deeds and their correction through reformation is impossible or beyond any kind of reformatory approach towards them. US and some other countries like Iran retained capital punishment for Juveniles also such as the 6 th accused in the recent brutal Delhi gang rape case.

I support Death penalty for the above criminals for the following among other reasons

  • The above cited criminals be they terrorists or the accused in the recent Delhi brutal gang rape and murder cases including the adolescent are hardcore and by all means they deserve death penalty. Death Penalty is the ultimate assertion of society’s highest form of disgust for humanity’s worst crime. Death penalty, after a civilized, legally scrutinized and successively tested judicial proceeding, is intrinsic and instinctive to society’s right to exist
  •  The process of ascertaining guilt and awarding sentence are separated by distinct hearings under Sectio9n 235(2) of the Cr.P.C confer sufficient safeguards against possible error of Judgment in awarding a sentence of death.
  • The death sentence awarded by Sessions Court is subject o confirmation by High Court and from their appeal to the Supreme Court and thereafter final appeal to the Supreme Court and still further possibility of mercy or pardons clemency of the President of India or the state Governor who may commute the death penalty to Life Imprisonment and all this ensure sufficient safeguards for an innocent person going to the gallows.
  •  In case of hardcore criminals as discussed above, death penalty alone acts as a real deterrence and it’d be in the interest of society to penalize such hardcore criminals by death as it is highly impossible for such persons to feel remorse for their despicable, abhorrent and diabolical crimes and no kind of reform would make them truly repentant for their heinous crimes and hence I strongly advocate death penalty in the above cited extreme cases, so that the Victims and their families along with society at large can once for all get rid of such hardcore criminals and breathe a sigh of relief.

I conclude that when hardcore and horrendous criminals of the above kind trample upon their victims human rights with impunity, why they should be let off with a lesser or no punishment at all and why we should respect their human rights?

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