Laugh Your Way to the Bank of Health!

According the an Ancient Indian adage: “Laugh! The whole world laughs with you. Weep! You’d weep alone”

The Biochemistry of Laugh has immense health benefits. It has Mood elevator neurotransmitters like Serotonin, Dopamine, Epinephrine and Norinephrine All of them contribute to good health.

: In Evolving Brains (2000), John Allman explains that serotonin often “does not directly excite other neurons but instead modulates the responses of neurons to other neurotransmitters.” This widespread influence implies that the serotonergic neurons play a fundamental role in the integration of behavior. Our sense of well-being and our capacity to organize our lives and to relate to others depend profoundly on the functional integrity of the serotonic system. There are only a few hundred thousand serotonergic neurons in the human brain, roughly one millionth of the total population of neurons in the human central nervous system. However, the serotonin receptors on the target neurons are remarkably diverse. Fourteen types of serotonin receptors have been discovered so far in the brains of mammals, located in different places and acting in different ways

Affective Neuroscience: The Foundations of Human and Animal Emotions (1998), Jaak Panksepp explains that the overall functions of the basal ganglia [corpus striata] “are under the control of one major ‘power switch’—ascending brain dopamine….” Panksepp points out that dopamine circuits “appear to be major contributors to our feelings of engagement and excitement as we seek the material resources needed for bodily survival, and also when we pursue the cognitive interests that bring positive existential meanings into our lives.” He explains that without dopamine, “human aspirations remain frozen….” He goes on to say that when dopamine is abundant in synapses, “a person feels as if he or she can do anything.” Panksepp asks: “Is it any wonder that humans and animals eagerly work to artificially activate this system whether via electrical or chemical means?

Norenephriine prepares the body for flight or fight response controlling the autonomous and Sympathetic nervous system thereby helping you in beating stress and be more vigilant. Positive laugh secretes Serotonin which regulates high secretion of harmful epinephrine and cortisol due to excess stress thereby not resulting in damage of autonomous nervous system of our body.

Medical research has established that Laugh exercises 14 muscles of your face and improves digestion and strengthens immunity, cures insomnia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Cancers, prevents heart attacks and all other Psychosomatic disorders such as allergies, Arthritis, Heart diseases, Hypertension, Diabetes,depression etc.

Cracking quality Jokes and being witty is one of the leading signs of Leadership qualities.

If we heartily laugh all our body gets a relatively easy exercise resulting in weight loss, improved memory etc.

Laughing certainly enlivens your spirits and sprights you up. You’ get healthily perky. A good laugh shaker drives all your pains and aches away due to the release of natural pain killers in the body, the endorphins.!

Conclusion: I ‘d advise everyone to cultivate quality wit and sense of humor by thinking funny and ironic situations of ups and down of daily life and laugh loudly and heartily all the way to your bank of Health and be merry and disease free. Also ,cultivate the ability to be witty and laugh at yourself.

My Motto: “Smile, heartily Laugh, be happy, healthy and win friends!” Happy and Hearty laughter is the elixir of long,productive healthy life.

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