How to tackle Psychic Attacks And Negative Personalities?

What are Psychic Attacks?- Every one of us know that all living beings are energetic. According to Modern Science also All living beings are nothing but a bundle of electro Magnetic energetic beings/Radiations. We all -being living beings, can positively or negatively transmit this bundle of energy to the surroundings or people around. Human eyes/gaze and Voice etc also can transmit their positive or negative energies/Vibrations to others. Psychic attacks are in the form of Jealous and angry gazes at people and also include intentional Jealous verbal stings or remarks which may have a telling and deleterious effects on your aura surrounding your body and mind resulting in various physical and mental health problems.\

We now know that all living things have an Aura whether positive or negative and it can be photographed by a special camera. A positive and healthy living being has a natural glowing aura around him or her. In a negatively surcharged person there would be gaping holes in his brain and aura surrounding his brain.Such persons through their biting and stinging verbal assaults are capable of transmitting their negative vibrations and energies to their perceived or imaginary innocent foes/victims. These people who indulge in psychic attacks could be their life partner or in-laws or so called friend enemies who attain some control over you/victim And if they feel threatened by your superiority to them they indulge in verbal assaults including casting Jealous gazes with an evil eye at you. This Jealous negative bundle of energy gets transmitted to you as any other non ionizing EMR/Force unless, you’ve a strong positive aura or persona and is capable of destroying all aspects of your life [possibly leading to your ill health and ultimate death.

Here, I’d like to mention about your partner and in-laws being psychopathic. These people have no conscience and thrive on blatant lies, sadism and very violent. They are split personalities. Behind their external cool demeanor/Mask there is a cold, cruel and detached personality. If your partner happens to be one, who physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally abuses you, I’d advise you to cut off all chords or sever all relations with him/her as it’d adversely affect your overall health and well being. Even if the marriage is 20 or 25 years old don’t buckle under his evil influence or you may end up committing suicide or being murdered mercilessly be these psychopaths. Many Psychopaths are sexually promiscuous and are capable of two or multi timers barring few.

In the case of Psychic attacks I’d advise people to snap all ties or chords with him or her if they happen to be your in laws or your life partner or jealous friends and other foes who by their verbal abuse may cause harm to your psyche which penetrates your aura and prove deleterious effect on your health and other things in your life and mar or seal your future forever unless you are positive and a vibrant personality, who have a strong glowing healthy aura around you. Hence, keep such people at a distance so as to protect yourself from their negative energy vibrations which are ruining you in all aspects of life.

Same advice as above applies to tackling with psychopathic partners and in laws etc. Sever all chords with them. Issue a divorce to your partner and in laws suffering from incurable psychopathic disorder and get your marriage annulled under Indian Marriage and Divorce Laws or Divorce Laws of all commonwealth and Most western countries. You can also get a psychopath husband and the entire in-laws including females jailed on account of their cruelty under Section 498 A IPC.

If you are economically sound and on your own, you can permanently distance away from him/her by severing all ties with him/her/them and lead an independent life and evolve into a strong personality by having a positive, assertive, and humorous disposition towards life. Even if you are not economically sound, if your parents are willing to take you back and support you and if you would like to learn skills and make reasonable money of your own, take the help of free of cost entrepreneur skill training workshops and centers to make an income. Quality Shelter Homes are run by NGOs, who’d help you not only in legal matters free of cost but also may offer skill training and placement or starting an enterprise of your own etc for zero money,. Banks, /state financial and other Micro Financial Institutions are granting soft loans with nominal interest rate for starting an enterprise/small-scale industry. Don’t depend financially on evil partners as it does not bode for your health and well being and’d ultimately, keep you in a pall of gloom. Keep such evil people at a distance or as far away as possible. Pray the highest Super Natural Power or force to rescue you from you evil partner from transmitting his negative energy to you and causing harm to you in other ways. Once for all for your own good- bid a final adieu to such people including your partner whatever your age may be. Better late than never.” If you are old and more than 50 or 55 and sick and if nobody supports you, the State/ Governments may come to your rescue. NGOs and other Philanthropic entities are running some quality Old Age Homes through donations from Philanthropic minded rich people and Big Corporations at nominal or no fee with all necessities, TV, Internet, Park, Medical Expenditure and other recreational work. With the advent of Nuclear families and commercialization and money centric relationships etc quality old age homes should be made the in thing for needy persons.

MY Conclusion : The only way to escape the clutches of the above mentioned evil designed sadistic people is to completely come out of their negative influence and energy and be on your own even financially and keep such people at bay. Pray the highest Supernatural Power to give you strength and health to get rid of such evil people with nefarious designs. Countless hapless women are under the negative influence of such evil partners, in laws and other foes. If you are young, get trained in some skill in some free training camps run by Government/State/Central /NGOs make money and a living and be close to your well meaning immediate family members and friends. Surround yourself with positive and constructive achievement oriented people and receive compliments and other positive feedback and ultimately be energetic, strong, assertive positive and achievement oriented vibrant personality with a healthy aura around your body and mind. Cultivate sense of humor and make it a habit to see the sunny side of life.

Do Yoga, Meditation, Brisk walking, Taichi and Aerobic Dance etc at least for 30 minutes an hour each day. Earmarking some additional 15 to 20 minutes for Psychoneuobic exercises resembling meditation through Mudras, breath regulation and chanting sounds like “OM”, and visualization of particular illuminating colors for particular diseases coming from God in the form of light 1 feet above you. etc which not only prevent various ailments and cure them if contracted. By regular practice you can remain healthy and productive throughout your life through plant based diet, Half an Hour exercises as suggested above with Psycho-neurobics and close knit ties with family and friends. Increase the quality of your aura by positivity, honesty, regular exercises and meditation and Offering regular Prayers to God to Keep away from all evil influences as above. Ultimately, I’m sure you’d emerge a Winner and Victorious.

You can seek solace in aesthetic arts like Music, Art, and Literature etc as Many studies have established their having therapeutic effect on Mind and body thereby contributing to our overall health and well being.

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