Keep Purging Your Mind!

As you bathe your body, bathe your mind also from negative thoughts by regularly purging it from evil thoughts like Jealousy, anger, hatred, spite, Vengeance, fear, Malice, ill will, animosity, inferiority complex, irrational beliefs or superstitions such as sorcery/witch craft, female being inferior to a Male. Selfishness, greed, impatience, racial, religious and caste prejudices etc.

Instead- fill your mind with opposites of the above such as not being jealous of anyone, love, compassion, generosity, Patience, Hope, Courage. Selflessness, fondness for everyone around, equanimity of mind, rational thinking, scientific temper, universal brotherhood, being open to other people’s opinions/views, treating your fellow beings whether they are humans or animals or Plants with respect and in a dignified way as animals and Plants are also are also part of mother nature. Our culture also taught us the same.

Every one of us is born with our own talent/s. Nurture those talents and be self sufficient in everything. Constantly update your knowledge in your area of interest and overcome the first cited negative feelings. “Do to others what is good unto you.”

Unless, we constantly purge our mind of all the above negative thoughts and engulf ourselves in the deluge of all positive feelings of love, sympathy and empathy for everyone we cannot attain eternal bliss and peace.

Practicing the above tips would add a natural glow to your face so that you can attract more people to you. Hence keep purging your mind of all negative influences and thoughts and fill it out with the more benefiting positive influential thoughts and practicing this would enhance your inner as well as your outer beauty.

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