Be An Optimist!

We all have heard the old  English adages such as “Nothing Succeeds like Success”, “Count Your Blessings”,    “Try And Try Until You Succeed”, etc etc. In Napoleon’s view -”Impossible Is Never Found In His Dictionary”.

 Having an Optimistic Attitude, and thinking positively all the time certainly helps you in achieving what you want in your life  It’s been scientifically proved that thinking positively all the time leads to good health, personality  development and in achieving your set targets in life. Where as negative thoughts, worry, stress and depression etc result in  Psycho-Somatic diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Headaches, Skin allergies, Insomnia, and  Mental disorders like depression and Psychosis and even lead to suicides. “Life is short”. So, why waste it in pessimistic/negative thoughts, which lead to bad health and failure in our chosen goals.  Whatever your shortcomings maybe,  first accept yourself -and develop faith in yourself. Then only you can scale dizzying heights and stupendous success in whichever  field you choose.

 &nbspEverybody  has some talent or the other. In every area of our life, if we are determined- we can certainly and undoubtedly improve and make our mark. Let us take the example oi a student, who is petrified of Math. The Numbers and their manipulation involving their various permutations and combinations scares him to death and his confusion gets much confounded at the mere though of Math. But, in my view,  certainly he can get rid of this numero-phobia and can certainly get much better scores in Math, if instead of fearing Math, he starts thinking positively of numbers and their manipulations. If he has doubts in this subject, after a particular Math lesson is finished, immediately he should consult his Math Teacher,  and other Math experts, maybe his parents, or outsiders,  who’d willingly oblige him in clearing his doubts regarding any  topic/lesson in which he has doubts and confusions. Good teachers, Parents and others who are experts in tough subjects- always love to oblige a studious student and ensure that not a single student lags behind others in studies be it Math or some other difficult subject”.   Be studious, and certainly in all areas of your academic curricula you can certainly do much better.. Cultivate interest and love for the subject first.  Thenceforth, there would be no looking back for you in academics. Try to compete with yourself first and better your previous score in a tough subject like Math and  in no time you’d excel in it.,  Samething  goes for Public Speaking skills and Acting on stage. Many prominent  Orators and Stage/Film Stars etc were shitscared to Publicly  Speak  or Act on Stage/Films, till they trained themselves in not developing stage fright. by reading good books  on Public  Speaking and listening to the speeches of great orators and observing the acting of reputed Senior Artists respectively.  By and by they overcame their fear of stage and took many rehearsals and ultimately succeeded in giving a stellar performance on the  stage, be it Public Speaking or Acting on stage/films.. Thereafter, Delivering a Public Speech  or Acting on stage became just a child’s play for them.. Similarly, if you’ve social phobia or fear mixing up with strangers/people, “talk to strangers in Public Transport Buses, Trains and  Flights.  First exchange pleasantries with them- and start with simple subjects like what are their areas of interests, inquiries about  their friends, movies and stage plays they are interested in, the sport/sports they are interested in etc etc and in no time, you both would start enjoying the conversation. and become train friends or Flight friends.

 Now, I would deal with failure. Here again- there  is an adage in English-”Failures are stepping stones to Success”.  You must’ve   learnt some good lessons out of this bad experience of your failure. Analyze the reasons, and then try to surmount the barriers- be it  your lack of adequate effort, lack of adequate knowledge and understanding of the area, or adequate finances etc  in your chosen area in which you’ve failed etc and by improving on all these fronts certainly the next time around- you’d improve and  in third and final attempts you;’d soon shout “Eureka”,: I’ve won”!  You’d be hitting the target with greater gusto. Face anything in life with all the confidence you need. and with all your might. This’d do the trick.  If in the past,  you’d attained something useful such as Jobs or best/better scores in some difficult subjects, and if you lose your previous job or fail in some difficult subject etc you can draw inspiration from your past successes and once again you can get good jobs or even better ones or start giving tutions in the difficult subjects, in which you are an expert, and thus make money again., and if you fail in a particular area, don’t worry. Recall all your past successes and the same talents which made you achieve success in your past would be still there in you.  At the time of Adversity, you  should once again recall these past successes and peoples’ appreciation and compliments relating to your past achievements , you’d be able to realize that they are still there with you. You can  again try for some new job or work in a different area, in which surprisingly- you’d discover that you’ve talent and ultimately’d  succeed. Have confidence in yourself first-and put all the right ingredients in whatever your chosen area of success maybe, and remove your mental, emotional, psychological and physical barriers which stand as impediments on your road to success pinnacle- your  success -including  success in money making.. You may;’ve talent in painting, singing and writing apart from your work area. You can  paint and arrange for an exhibition of your paintings and sell off your paintings and make money.   Similarly if you’ve interest and talent for music, be it vocal or instrumental you can give music concerts and make  extras money. You can turn your hobbies in to full time professions and win fame and money. Same thing applies to Writing. Making money is not a big deal.  If you’re interested in Stock Markets, through a good combinations of wise investments in debts and equity(if you are young and in your 20s and not risk averse). For people above 40, it is wise to invest more in debt funds rather than in  equities as they would yield a fixed rate of return on your investment. Consult Financial Experts and accordingly wisely invest. Now- a -days- even after retirement, if you still  enjoy robust health and  have talent-  you can either work in an organization  based on your experience and expertise acquired in your pre retirement job or make money through your hobbies, which would be fun giving and money making. Two birds at one go!

 You know that Dr.B.R. Ambedkar, came from a poor
Scheduled Caste family and rose to become one of the founding fathers of our Indian Constitution. and made a lot of money through legal profession. Bill Gates, and B.Narayan Murthy of Infosys, the software giant  etc came from humble backgrounds.and yet rose to riches through their pursuance, determination and hard work apart from their talents..  Dhiru Bhai Ambani became a BUSINESS TYCOON from being a mere clerk in some private company.  A number of Such examples abound.. Similarly, Michael Faraday, had not had the opportunity of going to school or college. He used to work in a book binding shop  and improved his knowledge  and understanding of physics and other subjects through books available there,  and through sheer interest and hard work he became a Great Scientist and  propounded the laws of Electrolysis( (Famously called Faraday’s Laws Of  Electrolysis)

 Different people’ve different talents and some have two or more talents and we all can realize our dreams of making it big in our chosen area or   through our hobbies by putting all our talents to good use. If everyone of us strives to become successful in their chosen areas by putting all their interests and talents to good use by shedding lethargy, and work with determination and hard work, there would be all-round prosperity and progress. Every country would be a Super Power.. People would get younger instead of older.  .Success is also a source of happiness, which again leads to good health.

 My wise advice  is never give in to defeat and depression and turn all your hobbies in to fun loving and money making activities..Bravo! Fight defeat and depressing thoughts. Enthuse yourself and “March Ahead with  Greater Gusto”! Then  Success will be all  yours!



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