Master Difficullt Subjects like Math!

Wondering how to Master difficult Subjects like Math, Computer Science, Writing, Physics, Logic etc, etc?
For that, all you need are the following basic inputs-

  1. Being basically intelligent at studies with excellent reasoning abilities.
  2. Avid interest in the subject you are intending to Master
  3. Hard work
  4. Constant Practice.

Along with the above key inputs, I suggest you to follow the following tips as well: For example in order to Master Math.
1) Master Basic Arithmetic or Numerical skills, basic Algebra etc.

Cultivate an avid interest and acquire excellent numerical abilities a by constant practice.
2) Invest in self study guides available in the Market to Master higher/University level Math or Physics, Computer languages etc .First Master High School Math and gradually Graduate to University and Post Graduate Math.  Also Master Mathematical  Logic through Discrete Math Self Study guides.Thoroughly Master all  Key Concepts and then do the self examination exercises given at the end of each chapter and check your answers with those provided at the end of these books to constantly measure your progress.
3) I’d also advocate that you enroll for PG Diploma in Math available in Distance Education Mode at some Universities like Osmania and thoroughly study and do exercises provided in the study material and get all your doubts cleared by eminent professors of those Difficult Subjects such As Math, Logic or Accountancy and Physics etc in the contact classes of these self study mode Diploma and Degree and Post Graduate Programes. And sit for Diploma, Degree and PG examinations of these courses conducted by the concerned Universities and excel by getting very good grades.

Excelling in the above courses by getting excellent grades boosts your confidence, overall health and well being and morale and may propel you to further take up PhD programs in Math and other complicated subjects as above.
If you enjoy sound health, age is no bar to Master Math or some other difficult subject of your choice by ardently following the above suggestions.
Wish you all best of luck and venture into the arena of Math or Writing etc with all the above key inputs and tips and achieve stupendous success!
The above may open up new horizons in your employment Market and also your earning potential or may motivate you to take up some other difficult subject to Master and have fun as well just for the heck of it. “Where there is Will there is a Way!” Be a Genius in Math or other difficult subject with intelligence, grit, determination and hard work!

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