My Opinion On Mr.Justice Ganguly's Resignation


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I Welcome-Justice Ganguly’s belated resignation as Chairperson of West Bengal Human Rights Commission- who’d been the former Supreme Court Judge as well.

This, he should’ve done as soon as the 3 member Supreme court Panel found a Prima Facie Case against him on his Law Intern’s complaint. But Lo!  He has not done so smacks of his low esteem of women and their human rights besides his moral probity-ironically heading a State Human Rights Commission and being a former Supreme Court Judge. He lacks moral propriety and integrity required of a Judge of his stature. Although, he refused to resign alleging Political Conspiracy and Media exaggeration/bias behind the entire story, thanks to  the the Presidential Reference made by  the Union Cabinet under Article 143 of the Constitution of India seeking the Supreme Court’s Opinion  for his removal on this issue after a well considered hearing  by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Ultimately, Mr. Justice Ganguly seems to have buckled under pressure of all kinds and tendered his resignation pending hearing by the Supreme Court in this case of sexual misconduct on his part on his young farmer law intern while he was a Supreme Court Judge.

Let us hope- this young lady would pursue the law  (her FIR etc­ with the Delhi Police) to its logical conclusion and see what happens at last.

Let high profile individuals such as Mr. Justice Ganguly and Mr. Tarun Tejpal’ sexual misconduct of Tehelka Magazine against his subordinate Female Journalist= be thoroughly exposed both by the  vigilant media and the proactive Judiciary, and the law’s long arms shouldn’t spare anyone- however high and mighty they maybe, and all such high profile people – who abuse their power, wealth and position etc to victimize their subordinates must be made to pay  for all the penal consequences of law -if they are finally convicted of the alleged sexual misconduct on their part- so as to act as a  real deterrence in future for all such persons..

The Hon’ble Supreme Court   must hold an impartial inquiry on this issue  for eliciting  the ultimate  truth and  and giving an opinion for his removal, if found guilty etc  to set a precedent and to show to the world that it’d not space members of it’s own fraternity if they indulge in misconduct of any kind that bring disrepute to members of Judiciary- who are expected to follow high moral standards for others to follow.

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