Indian General Elections 2014-"An Overview"


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Posted on February 3rd, 2014

Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram went  for Assembly Elections in December 2013 and AAP was the the single laegest party in Delhi Assembly and with the support of Congress- I which mandate  it got through a quick public referendum, it formed Government in Delhi State while simultaneously making its presence felt  in Northern States in particular and India in general with its youthful fresh  pan India appeal in practicing clean politics and delivering good governance etc,.

The  Aam Admi Party’s relative success in the recent Delhi Assembly Elections with its pan India image  and the defeat of UPA-II in Chattisgarh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Rajastahn States due to its  massive corruption scandals and anti-incumbency wave, AAP’s assuming power of Delhi State albeit with the support of Congress Party and through public referendum etc in the politically conscious Delhi State proves that people are fed up with the seasoned tactics of traditional parties including National parties such as Congress-I and BJP and their politically opportunistic alliances, corruption, Nepotism, favoritism leading to scams and scandals involving money, power and sex etc And people  have turned out in large numbers to vote the ruling party out in  power  in these 5  States except for Madhya Pradesh  and Mizoram, where  BJP and Congress-I respectively returned to power..

The message conveyed by the people across these 4 States is loud And clear; “We want fresh leaders with commitment to provide clean politics and good governance in the form of all-round development of not only their state/s but the country in general.”

The projecting of Mr.Rahul Gandhi as the next youthful PM of the India to lead a Congress—I coalition or of Mr.Narendra Modi of BJP as the next PM candidate of a BJP led coalition at the Centre etc has been there in the respective parties for quite some time now and they maybe playing behind the scenes roles in the respective major scams of corruption and communal riots or otherwise- plaguing these parties etc and is not new for these parties and the the general public anymore..

The power and water subsidy and austerity drives announced by the Aam Admi Party to live in small houses in preference to official Bungalows etc albeit sound populist are welcome. AAP’s yesterday’s sting operation in exposing massive corruption in Delhi Jal Board and its swift action of  suspending 800 key officials pending enquiry against them is quite laudable. Its decision to swing in to the 2014 General elections as a national party and tie up with like minded parties such as Jay Prakash Narayan’s Lok Satta  Party and its decision to issue party tickets to MPs and MLAs both at the National and States level to candidates with clean credentials etc are simply laudable and worth emulating by other major political parties committed to do public service and not to pursue political ends to stay in power by hook or crook.

If AAP succeeds in capturing power at the Centre, and in Majority of the States,  in the next general elections-some of its major challenges are: Apart from eradicating corruption by removing the unholy nexus that exists between politicians, police, bureaucracy and criminals by practicing clean politics, it should bring in meaningful reforms in education police, prisons, employment and other key sectors such as judiciary to rule out any murky influence of money or otherwise in their constitution and functioning such as witnessed in the recent massive  tampering of Marks  for Medical; Admissions in exchange for money scandal, and also the Massive Recruitment scandal s in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh,  and Indian Railways.. As far as Education Sector is concerned  we should reform it by making the standards of the education sector  comparable to that of US and other developed countries  not only in terms of high quality but also by Imparting value based education, life skills ,Promoting Rational thinking, Scientific temper on the part of  all pupils , and training in Martial Arts for all able bodied girls aged 3 and upwards for free  be made part of the Academic Curriculum for all schools in India. Adult Education Programs/Sarva Siksha Abhiyan be so designed as to impart functional literacy with knowledge of English and Hindi and be made compulsory for all illiterate adults. We should get indigenous in  the development of Science and Technology by amply rewarding and incentivising Scientists & Technocrats for their inventions by emulating similar practices of US, Japan, South Korea, China and other developed countries. Providing for free housing , Sanitation, Clean drinking water to all the poor Indians ,Cutting Red tape by providing for Single Window system for all /Government clearances/approvals Containing the  Naxal Menace with Carrot and Stick policy, Containing Terrorism of all kinds with iron hands.Controlling excess population through strict implementation of family planning measures, protecting the rights of Women, Children. Weaker sections and minorities through education and economic empowerment and protecting them from crime and other atrocities by making and strict implementation of the necessary protective legislation. sensitization of the law enforcement machinery in respect of offences committed against the above cited categories of persons , further strengthening the current  multy -member bodies of  Lok Pal , the Proposed Lok Ayuktas in several States and the Proposed Judicial Appointments Commissions at the National and State levels  by giving them Constitutional Status,. making the CBI fully autonomous, strengthening  Public Hospitals, Public Distribution Systems , Public Transport and other Public Institutions with cutting edge technologies and high quality  infrastructure by  making them free for poor and middle classes up to a reasonable income  limit and on payment basis for every other one. rationalizing  taxes, improving the employment scenario through reining in high inflation,  promoting sustainable growth through generating suitable employment opportunities for everyone and continuing the current liberalization drive by ensuring that there is just and equitable distribution of wealth among all deserving persons rich and poor alike and attaing self sufficiency in every field by reaping rich  out of our demographic dividends and creating right opportunities for  every talented person to benefit in every possible way by conferring awards, rewards and monetary incentives.,  Development of Public Infrastructure through floating public bonds , Improving International relations with our Neighbors by successfully resolving the long pending contentious Kashmir and the LOC issues with Pakistan and China respectively to the satisfaction of all  the stake holders and  improving  relations with other Global Powers in general. are the other major priorities/challenges.

The resources for the above measures should be met by collection of prompt taxes through their rationalization and removing corruption through social and financial audits of every public Institution and attracting Foreign Direct Investment from NRI’s  and other Foreign Investors by offering attractive rates of interest  and tax incentives to the general public subject to strict regulatory controls. Currently, billions of Rupees of corrupt money of many high profile Indians is lying pooled up  in several tax havens of Foreign Countries. The Government at the helm should have power to confiscate all  money made through illegal means including the above kind and deposit  it in public exchequer and the money so saved should be used to increase the  shameful current welfare expenditure of  1% of GDP to a higher percentage points out of the money so saved by eliminating corruption. The entire Public Machinery should be made more transparent and accountable.

If the above policy measures are adopted by AAP and like-minded parties at the helm at the National and State levels by suitable policy measures- both administrative and legislative India would soon be on the road to attaining No.1 Super Power Status  in the Globe achieving political, social and economic democracy ,Justice freedom, liberty, equality and fraternity , true secularism etc as enshrined in the preamble of our Indian Constitution

Hence, I’d appeal to AAP_and all other like-minded parties to join hands in creating voter awareness about their clean politics and delivering good governance across the length and breadth of India through wide publicity campaigns and ensure electoral victory and take up reins of power both at the Centre and in States and prove to Indians and to the world at large that they have the ‘Political Will”of practicing clean politics by eliminating money and muscle power from politics altogether and delivering on good governance. They should made a difference to the ‘Aam  Admi’ or Common  Man for they claim that they stand for Common Man alone.“Best of Luck for AAP”!



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