Be Strong Willed and Positive

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Unless, we cultivate the habit of Strong Will -in any walk of life, we can’t achieve anything and succeed in our chosen goals.

Aimless drifting and dithering without set goals and strong will would turn out be problematic in achieving success in anything. Every human being has to set some goals-create some meaningful purpose or purposes in life and pursue those goals one at a time with all his might. He or she needs to have patience and perseverance in succeeding in that goal or goals.

A series of  Positive affirmations to self throughout the length and Breadth of the  set goal or goals or self hypnotherapy through auto suggestions would help achieve our goals whatever they maybe.

Under the aegis of Dr.Arcady Petrov, and his team, a trio of Russian Scientists in various parts of the world,  a number of workshops on human immortality and organ regeneration have been conducted. One such workshop was conducted recently in Mumbai for four days. The participants of this workshop were told that they or every human being has the power to attain immortality and regenerate his diseased organs and disorders of his or her body through a series of  positive auto suggestions or positive affirmations and visualizations that their diseased  body parts are regenerating and they were told to give directions to their DNAs and the original 9 cells at birth. They were told to focus on the stem cells near their diseased body part. To their astonishment -participants of this Mumbai workshop- found significant improvements in their overall health and well being during and after the workshop.. This Science is based on our ancient medical Science of rarely talked about Kaya Kalpa or body part regeneration of Ayurveda. This is the ancient art of healing through self.

The preceding Para amply proves how the astonishing effect of the art of strong will through a series of positive affirmations and visualizations on diseased body parts and disorders of the human body help us achieve our goal of not only out health and all other goals connected with other walks of life.

In order to achieve one’s goals or targets one should keep giving positive auto suggestions throughout and also have strong will or determination to achieve his chosen goals.

One who is interested in his goal should surround himself with positive thinking people and keep discouraging people at bay. If these tips are followed the day is not far off when all success will be yours in all your set goals/targets. Hence,  sky is the limit for a person who is strong willed and positively inclined in his thinking. Then, why waste time? Believe in yourself and brave all the odds and impediments that are standing in your way to achieve success in your goals. Cultivate real interest in doggedly persisting and positively affirming to self and visualizing for winning success in Health and overall well being. March ahead with “Greater Gusto” and experience the amazing thrill of success  in all walks of life.

Ms.Nirmala P.Rao

Legal Expert and Political commentator.

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